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About Us

21Globe is a portal to simplify your life. We provide News, Media and Commerce as well as everyday tools helping you to connect to what is important. Our Home life portals offer a window into major categories of life, providing fresh everyday usable content that inspires and challenges all of us to make the world a better place.

We are privileged having you visit us and we hope to earn your return visit by committing Great People, Great Products and Great Services in a trusted online experience.


Our Core Values:

• We believe caring for our neighbors and communities is a virtue.

• We believe bounty is a providential gift Borne of responsibility and a commitment to excellence.

• We acclaim all good acts of dedication and sacrifice of those past and present who gave us today's opportunities.

• We strive to be a catalyst of the same, and in that Spirit we commit value in all our products & services.

Your welcome to contact us regarding comments, feedback, suggestions, we would be honored to grow together with you.

Thank you !

21Globe Team